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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 17:04

How long before share market beats its previous high?

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We recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of the high point for the Australian share market that occurred in November 2007.  The value of the market remains 30-40% below this peak.

History tends to repeat itself so lets compare the last 5 years to other large market downturns in history.

The chart below shows the value of the Australian share market many years after a large drop such as the 2008 drop.  The blue line is the journey investors have witnessed over the last 5 years and plots that journey against other times in history when the market fell heavily.

The question on most investors lips is when will the market recover to new highs?

The chart above shows that it took around 4 years for the market to reach new highs after the 1980 downturn (purple line) and around 5 years after the great 1929 crash (green line). This makes the current downturn one of the most severe in history.

The 1973 and 1987 downturns took 6 - 7 years to recover the previous high.  From the current level the Australian share market would need to rise by around 50% to move back to the previous high.

Bear markets do end and can move quickly when they do.

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