All too often we hear the generalist who says "buy healthcare because of the ageing of the population" or "can't lose in bricks and mortar".

When investing it is critical to scratch below the surface and avoid being tempted by the generalist.

Europe is currently an excellent study for this as the generalist would probably be saying that Europe is a basket case and investors should avoid it at all costs.  Upon digging below the surface however it can be seen firstly that not all of Europe is a basket case.  This is represented by the graph below whcih shows the GDP (commonly used to measure strength in an economy) of various European countries over the past 5 years.

While it is clear that the Greek economy is in poor health, the German economy is enjoying the cheap Euro that assists their exporters such as BMW.  While talking of BMW, we read from the Wall Street Journal that the waiting list in China to buy a BMW is 6 months and that BMW is making considerable money exporting cars to China.  Fund managers including Platinum Asset Management have made a significant amount of money from investing in BMW while the generalist would have missed the opportunity.

We encourage investors to "scratch below the surface when considering investments".

Note: Advice contained in this article is general in nature and does not consider your personal situation or needs. Please do not act on this advice until its appropriateness has been determined by a qualified adviser.  The information provided is current as at March 2012.

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