Our Role


A. We provide advice about the appropriate levels and types of insurance that should be considered.


B. Once amounts have been determined we help our clients arrange ownership in the most effective manner for their personal situation to ensure that the insurance benefits go to the intended beneficiary. While this may sound straight forward, in today's world where split families are the 'norm', great care must be taken with ownership to limit the potential for expensive and emotionally draining legal battles. Our blog site contains further case studies on this aspect.


C. We act as broker for our clients, so once an insurance need has been determined, we consider what is available on the market and match the best, most cost effective insurance with the situation.


D. On an annual basis we then review the insurance to ensure the level of cover remains appropriate and then see if we can obtain a better quality insurance cover.  Note the aim is not to replace your personal insurance each year, but this is simply a discipline we undertake to ensure that you our clients are receiving best 'bang for their insurance dollar'.


E. Finally, the purpose of effecting insurance is to have money available when you need it most so we offer our service to assist in the claims process to make it as smooth, fast and stress free as possible.