Business Philosophy

GEM Capital Financial Advice operates under its own AFSL licence (Number 502836).  This means that we are free to provide Financial Services to our clients without any interference from outside influence. Our philosophy is based around investing clients money as it were our own and treating others how they would like to be treated.

We do not subject our clients to automated phone systems, as a 'real' person will answer the phone, and our team know many of our clients by the sound of their voice.  Our business practices revolve around the following principles:

Listen to what people want

Put clients interests first

Communicate regularly and in a format suitable for each individual

Provide Advice in a manner that is easy to understand – even when dealing with complex issues

Continually strive for improvement in investment outcomes, communication methods and any aspects to improve our clients experience with us

Build long term relationships

Keep up to date with technology to enhance service delivery

Invest clients money as though it were our own - on most occasions we co-invest alongside our clients

Open and regular disclosure of our own investments

Tell it like it is