Comedy Corner

We have dedicated this section of our website to the lighter side of the financial world.  We hope you enjoy this collection of footage and if you have anything you believe would fit into this section, we would love to hear about it. 


US Debt Ceiling

If it weren't so serious, the raising of the US Debt Ceiling affair was truly laughable.  Here is a satirical look at it
















Banned iPhone 5 commercial

A satirical send up of Apple's advertisement of iPhone















Sub Prime Mortgages - The cause of the Global Financial Crisis Explained Simply

Two UK comedians discuss the true causes of the Global Financial Crisis in a very satirical fashion.















Financial Counselling Commercial

An amusing commercial promoting investment counselling - unexpected ending
















Banned Life Insurance Commercial

Produced by UK comedians, an amusing life insurance commercial that clearly would not make it to mainstream media. Great British comedy.
















Mortgage Commercial

Very funny commercial about from Mortgage Company set in a hospital














Investing into Soft Commodities (alternative view)

2 minute video about the reasons why investors should consider farming from UK comedians (Warning: some coarse language in this video)