Our Investment Philosophy

Good investing in our opinion involves having a sound philosophy, good access to information, and the courage to either stick with your strategy when markets are going against you, or to be flexible enough to change your position if new information comes to hand.

We have refined our investment philosophy over many years, and it has stood the test of time over market downturns as well as good times.  We have also enhanced our access to information whereby we access some of the best investment minds in the country when structuring our clients portfolios.  GEM Capital sources information from several reliable sources, rather than relying on one broker or one research team. 

We meet regularly, face to face, with leading institutional investors as well as digest a large volume of reading on a daily basis.

Our main focus is to buy high quality investment assets first, and secondly, try to buy them at a sensible time.  We are not fortune tellers and are therefore unable to pick the tops and bottoms of markets.  We can however determine quality.  Those who buy quality investments but slightly overpay, will still generate reasonable returns over time.  Conversely poor quality investments, (eg with too much debt, not profitable, poor management, unsustainable industry sector) may not be healed by time.

This report provides an introduction into how we think about investing within each of the major asset classes.

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