Ongoing Services

In a fast moving global environment it is no longer acceptable to simply ‘set and forget’ a financial strategy.  Like it or not, business is subject to constant disruption from technology and new entrants and investors can no longer think that they can simply buy and hold forever.  Once strong businesses such as Fairfax were stripped of massive advertising revenue by carsales and  Google and the internet has revolutionised how consumers interact with business.  Coal was once referred to in the same context as oil.

It is critical investors stay flexible and adapt with the changing world and alter their investment views to the environment they find themselves in.

Over the past years we have seen many changes in Australia and indeed the world including:

  • Constant changes to superannuation ie downsizer contributions, deductible limits
  • Almost annual changes to tax rates and rules
  • Global Financial Crisis
  • COVID pandemic
  • Euro Debt Crisis
  • Record Low Interest Rates and subsequent increase
  • Not only does the environment change, but also the circumstances of our clients and their families can change.
GEM Capital provides ongoing services that assist our clients to ensure that their investment strategy remains appropriate for the changing conditions.  We provide recommendations in writing, with clear explanation about the rationale behind the recommendation.

We provide recommendations on:

  1. Rights Issues
  2. Share Purchase Plans
  3. New Floats
  4. When to sell
  5. What to buy and when to buy it

We also monitor the values of particular investments within your portfolio to ensure that you are not taking on too much risk by holding large amounts of any one particular investment. This philosophy encourages us to take profits as investment positions do well.

Email alerts are sent to our clients when companies they own report their profit result, to provide a "first impression" of the profit result.

When urgency is required, we use SMS alerts to highlight the importance of a recommendation - this is generally used for sell recommendations.

Recommendations can be received either via the normal Australia Post mail service or via email. You choose the method that suits you best.

This information is of a general nature only and neither represents nor is intended to be personal advice on any particular matter. We strongly suggest that no person should act specifically on the basis of the information contained herein, but should obtain appropriate professional advice based upon their own personal circumstances including personal financial advice from a licensed financial adviser and legal advice. GEM Capital Financial Advice Pty Ltd ABN 40 620 781 526 AFSL 502836