Backed By Research

Good Advice is not accidental or simply achieved through luck. Experience backed by timely and valuable information is critical to providing the highest quality of advice possible in a globalised world that is ever changing.

While there is no shortage of information available on the internet, what is not readily available is the ability to bring it all together and how to discern noise from real information.

GEM Capital sources research information from several reliable sources so that we are not captive to just one analyst’s or one organisation's viewpoint. Our experience, blended with excellent resources help us make informed intelligent decisions that have the best chances of investment success.  We have provided a list of some of the sources of research below:
  • Investment Research (listed investments)
  • Real Time Citigroup / Bell Potter research updated daily 
  • Lonsec Research
  • Valuation software (Skaffold)
  • Meeting 1:1 with senior investment personnel from preferred funds managers (best source)
  • Subscription to Intelligent Investor
  • Subscription to Wall Street Journal
  • Subscription to Financial Times
  • Investment Research (managed investments)
  • Lonsec independent investment research house
  • Regular Meetings with senior personnel of preferred Investment Managers - (best method)