Economic Updates

Information is Power when it comes to investing.  At GEM Capital we work very hard to ensure we have excellent sources of information so that we can deliver high quality and well thought through investment strategies for our clients.

Here is a collection of information from some of our sources.


Platinum Asset Management Update

Platinum Asset Management are arguably the most successful International Fund Manager operating from Australia.  The flagship fund, Platinum International Fund has outperformed the International share market over the past 10 years by a significant margin.


Click on the Platinum icon below to read the most recent Quarterly Review (March 2021) 







 Magellan Financial Group

Magellan Financial Group was established by Hamish Douglass and Chris Mackay in 2006.  Hamish and Chris have extensive experience in investment banking in Australia and overseas.  Prior to establishing Magellan, Chris was the Chairman of UBS in Australia.  Magellan specialises in global investing.  Chris and Hamish have relationships with some of the wealthiest families in Australia as well as high level business and political relationships both in Australia and abroad. 

Click on the Magellan icon below to read the recent Investor Update (June 2020)























 Westpac Economics

The team at Westpac Economics are very highly regarded, both in terms of their depth of coverage, but also by their conviction of their views.  Here is a recent publication from the Westpac Economics team that provides a summary of the Australian economy.

 Image Westpac Redbook























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